Satisfied Customers

In addition to rating services like Angie’s List and Google Ratings, we ask each & every customer how we performed for them. We ask 11 specific questions to be ranked on a 6 point scale and also invite comments. We are proud to offer ALL of our survey results for your review.


John & Roberta K. 5.5/6


Ginny H.  5.7/6


Meredith G. 6/6

Bill D. 5/6

Leianne Neff Heppner

I could feel the pride they took in their work & the project.

L. Macko  5/6

Fixed wall dings and painted entry way, living, diing room and hall, and ceilings.  did a great job!  Looks wonderful.

Ricki & Bob C     6/6

We are very happy with the work- Inside & out.  The crews were very fast, friendly, cautious and very easy to work with. Bob is very pleased with the work done on the ceiling in his office. The drywall guy did an excellent job- you can’t even tell any work was done.  Special thanks to Mike for going the extra mile -Washed my foyer window inside & out.


Duke Landis     6/6


Keith M    6/6

Painting went well. Mike did a great job!


Tom S.     5.7/6


Gina T     6/6

We were not home at time of job being completed- but everything was as we left it… Crew cleaned up and returned items to patio (as we had left it for them) Great Job! Painting looks great!!


Dave & Deb N.     6/6

Awsome Job! Thank You!


Rebecca S.   6/6


Pat R.     6/6

Very Impressed with your work & your service!


Sid Z.   5.9/6


George H.   6/6


Scott R.   6/6


Jack L.   6/6

Let’s please find a way to get you back out to the Kames!!!


Jeanne C.   6/6

Thank you so much for sending the painters today!! I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am. Both Lucus & Abraxas were very amiable and did a great job.


Pierre F.   5.2/6


Sandy H.   6/6


Tony A.   5.6/6


Tiffany W.   6/6

Thanks for this We enjoyed working with you all and are hoping to hire you in the future. Your  employees were friendly and professional.


Mike P   5.7/6


Tom S.   5.9/6


Valley Management Group   6/6


Linda C   5.3/6


Terri M.    5.3/6


Tracy D.   6/6

The carpenter Phil was excellent! His work is impeccable! Thanks for bringing him to our job. He was here to “recreate ” work done 24 years ago, but his was so much better than the original ! Thank You!


Don M.   6/6


Sue E.   6/6

Brandon was courteous and friendly. I appreciated his help with moving things around.


Kevin E.   6/6


Dave N   6/6

I want to thank you and your staff for the fantastic job on our home…everything looks great! Abraxas did a great job keeping us informed and he and Jason were very detail oriented…really appreciate the service!


Sandy S.   6/6

Thanks for the great work and we sure will be calling Final Coat when we need additional work done!!!


Jennifer B    5.8/6


Jill H   6/6

We are pleased with the window and wall painting/staining and the professionalism of our painters. You will come highly recommended.


Matt L 6/6

I just wanted to send one more Thank you for everything you and your company has done for me. Your guys just left and I couldn’t be more happy with the job they did. They were both so eager to make everything perfect and I felt like they treated things better than if they were working at their own hose! I see why your company gets the best recommendations on Angie’s List. The guys left the place cleaner than when they got here. I threw a color change at them in the middle of a room being painted and it wasn’t even close to an issue. They basically agreed with me and gave me samples to pick from and even recommended one that turned out better than I would have ever picked! Thanks again and I will always recommend The Final Coat to anybody who brings up painting.

Audrey A 6/6

Everything went great! Everyone in the company kept consistent contact with me from initial meeting until the very end. I am so happy with the work they did. My final payment due was actually less than expected. I am beyond pleased with my experience and would definitely recommend them to any of my family & friends!

Erin H. 6/6


Pat & Bill S. 5/6

The crew was very hard working. Our only concern was the final day seemed rushed to finish the kitchen. It was the only room we had to clean paint from the bottom of the cupboards where they met the wall. But this is not not a complaint. Overall, we are very pleased with our beautiful ceilings and walls. And we were especially impressed with Brandon!

Dorris C 5.9/6

You guys were great- Have you back in a heartbeat- I’m referring you to my friends!

Rich & Donna P 6/6

You folks as a group were stunning! You made this such a pleasurable experience for Donna & I. Jason’s sense of customer service was incredible! He wanted to be informed of any problems we may have found with his work before beginning the work that day. How refreshing to know that the customer is number 1 with the Final Coat. We feel so good when we walk through our home and have had several compliments from people in the trades as to how straight and professional the paint lines are! Thanks to Ted for his vigilant attention to our satisfaction, and to our color consultant for taking all the stress out of the color selection! You folks are the best!

Patrick H 6/6

We have used Final Coat on at least 3 occasions for both interior and exterior painting and wood work. They do a great job every time. They provide detailed quotes and have a great staff of qualified professionals to do the work.

John V. 6/6

Professional, quality work. Takes care of any problems that come up. Works very well with contractors and clients.

Toni A 6/6

The Final Coat was actually recommended to me when I was looking for a painting company. They have been a pleasure to work with beginning with Carla in the office, Ted who did the estimates, and Kathleen who did a color consultation. The painters are skilled, professional and left my home in perfect cleaned up condition. My rooms look beautiful. Everyone I worked with was not only skilled and professional, but kind and helpful as well. I had them come back for a second painting job and will continue to use them for future work in my home.

Rich & Linda C 6/6

Always courteous & respectful. Prompt – arrive on time & job is completed within allotted time. You never leave to go to another job without finishing our job. Carla always works hard to get our job scheduled for a time that works for us. If something doesn’t quite meet our expectation your always willing to come back out to make it right!

Laurene C 6/6

The Final Coat team did an excellent job. First, they contacted me well in advance to schedule. The painters were punctual and polite. They didn’t assume anything. They asked first. When they said they were going to spend part of the first day patching, I was surprised since I didn’t see much that needed to be patched. But they fixed all imperfections and the walls have never looked better. Also, the first paint that they brought was too yellow and didn’t match the existing wall. They took samples of my old paint to the store and had it re-matched. It was perfect. They were very careful when moving any furnishings and when maneuvering the ladder. They had scheduled three days but finished in two. I am very pleased with the results.

Ann T. 6/6

The Final Coat has been helping us update our home(s) for over 6 years. The team is always on time, courteous and ready to work. They spend quality time on their estimates and include all the pertinent details so that the crews are well informed when they arrive. I have never been disappointed with the quality of their work on both interior and exterior surfaces. The crews always go the extra mile to clean up and to keep my tile and woodwork protected. The Office Manager, Carla, always lets you know how things are going and is wonderful to work with. I highly recommend them for any painting job. We’ll be using them again soon!

Susan & Dave E. 6/6


Mike & Nancy B. 6/6

The guys did a great job! We love our new foyer, hallway and bathroom!

Dr. Joe M. 6/6

Very happy with Michael & Jason. Very good workers!

Jan W. 6/6

I have used The Final Coat several times and am always pleased!

Debby B.   5.8/6 pts.

Crew leader did do a paint sample of 2 colors which was very helpful.

Nancy & Mike B   6/6 pts.

The guys did a great job! We love our new foyer, hallway & bathroom!

Karen & Gene B.   6/6 pts.

Nathan & Brandon did a wonderful job and were very professional, efficient and pleasant. I still can’t believe how quickly they were able to paint our rooms, but I guess that’s why we hire professionals rather than doing these painting projects ourselves.

Susan E   5.8/6 pts.

It was extremely helpful to have carpenter Phil go with me to select the materials.

Meredith G.   6/6 pts.

Worth every penny!

Jason H.   6/6 pts.

Thanks for another great job and especially for doing it right after Christmas. Jason is a pleasure to work with.

Todd V.   5.5/6 pts.

It was a good experience.

Anna J.   6/6 pts.

Great work from start to finish!

Mary C.   6/6pts


Steve & Marie C.   6/6pts.

You will definitely be our first choice for all interior and exterior paint projects!

Joe G.   6/6 pts.

As you can see, very happy with the paint job! Very skilled painters, not college kids. Thank You!

Linda & Rich C.   6/6 pts.

Always courteous and respectful. Prompt – arrive on time & job is completed within time allotted. You never leave to go to another job without finishing our job! Carla always works with us to get our job scheduled for a time that works best for us. If something does not meet our expectation you are always willing to come back to make it right!!

Jim W.   5.8/6 pts.


Dr. Joe M.   6/6 pts.

Very happy with Jason & Michael. Very good workers!

Mike F.      5.6/6 pts

It was a good experience from start to finish. Very Professional!

Gene W.   5.6/6 pts

Did a great job!

Kane H  6/6 pts.


Joe G   6/6 pts.

My wife and I wanted to let you know what a first class job you performed in painting our house. Every person that worked at our house was neat, courteous & had a great attitude. I would recommend The Final Coat to anyone that asked me about your services. Thanks once again for making this an enjoyable experience for us.

Anna J.   6/6 pts.

We had carpentry work done on our front porch. We would rate the job from beginning to end as Excellent!!

Rita H   6/6 pts.


Dorothy C   6/6 pts.

Everyone with whom I made contact answered all my questions & were generally very attentive & helpful. I am very pleased with all of the many projects that The Final Coat completed for us. I will call you first when other home care situations arise!

Jing Z.   6/6 pts.

They were really good at solving our problem. They fixed my gutters and also fixed a piece of metal on the side of my house. They had to climb a very tall ladder and it was a very hot day, but they got their job done well. They are an excellent company. I recommend them without any hesitation.

Linda S.   6/6 pts.

Phil was very helpful with repairs on deck, his work is excellent!

Jeannie A   5/6 pts.

Thank you for the great job you did painting our house. Davey did an excellent job and was a pleasure to meet and work with.  The banana split cake from Reeve’s was a neat surprise! Thank you for satisfying our sweet tooth. Ted did a great job in helping select colors and Carla is indispensable!

Roger F   5/6 pts.


John H.   5/6 pts.


Rachel R.   6/6 pts.

We were so incredibly impressed, from the chocolate paintbrush to seeing our house transformed. We were blown away by the professionalism & painting skills. Nathan & his crew got down off their ladders to shake our hands, and that is a courteous gesture that will earn our future business & high recommendation. Thank you to Ted, Nathan & Carla for a job well done!

Lynn S.   5/6 pts.


Karen B.   6/6 pts.

Thank you so much for your professional, efficient, courteous and personable job!

Kurt L.   6/6 pts.

Great Employee’s! Nice Job!

Pat H.   6/6 pts.


Dennis K.   6/6 pts.

Thanks for the excellent work on our home! It looks great. Jason and his crew were wonderful to work with and they were very detailed in their work. I look forward to seeing you next spring.

Helen K.   6/6 pts.

Everything was done very well, personnel were friendly and polite. All was cleaned up very well when job was finished.

John H.   6/6 pts.


Sharon L.   5.5/6 pts.


Norma S.   6/6 pts.


Melinda A.   6/6 pts.

You were recommended to us by our interior designer. We were absolutely delighted with the quality of work, the efficiency and the friendliness of the staff and crew and the efforts put into accommodating all our needs. Our house looks now exactly like we imagined, and even nicer! Thank you very much for the beautiful work. If someone asks about painting, you are the only company we will absolutely recommend.

Sylvia P.   6/6 pts.

This is a great company. They did everything that they sad they would do. They work neatly, their work was excellent and we would hire them again. The Final Coat compared to the original estimate was right on! I got more than my moneys worth. We scheduled more than 2 weeks ahead of time. We found the company through Angie’s List. We chose The Final Coat because of their reputation on Angie’s List. This was the first time we used the company and what we liked most was the good work ethic,  the friendliness and just the way they went about doing things. I would tell other to put themselves in their hands and they will come through for you. Keep up the good work!!

Barbara F.   6/6 pts.

Ted gave us a very detailed estimate after meticulously examining the work area. Because we had a flexible time frame, we agreed to have this painting completed at the end of “exterior season” or whenever a sequence of rainy days might occur. Carla kept us updated as to when to expect the work to begin. She was very helpful throughout the entire process. Work was begun on time both days. Ted monitored every aspect of the work and the painters were extremely detail oriented, as well as polite. The service by this company is exceptional and the quality of the work is outstanding.

Marilyn K.   5.9/6 pts.

I called for an estimate and the owner was out in a few days. Because I was on a time crunch with my husband in Arizona and my friends coming over for a dinner party on Friday, I asked if what I needed could be accomplished in two days. The crew was there bright and early each morning and an excellent job was done each day with a progress report given for the day. I was very impressed with the results ans I was able to clean and put everything back(shades, curtains, pictures etc.) in time for my dinner party. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone for interior or exterior painting. They are fast and efficient and very professional

Sharon W.   6/6 pts.

They were excellent! Jason did a particularly great job faux finishing a metal door for me. I would have no one else and I wold highly recommend them!

Dan N.   6/6 pts.

The job turned out better than expected. Sharp,crisp lines, wonderful contrasts and total perfection. This crew worked until 10:00 pm to complete the job, and they started at 9 in the morning! Communication throughout the entire job was excellent, and the gentlemen cleaned up every little sign of work that they were there.

Andrew S   5.9/6 pts.

The owner arrived on the scheduled date to give us an estimate of our job. He was able to give an estimate while on site. The crew members that came to paint were personable, professional and efficient. When they first arrived, they took time to make sure they understood what all needed to be done in the house. They answered questions and were knowledgeable. They worked to finish the job n a short period. We are pleased with the quality work that was done, and will certainly use them again when more painting is needed

Mary Ann R.   6/6 pts.

I could not be happier with my experience with The Final Coat. Jolie, my crew leader, was WONDERFUL! Always on time, worked hard, very precise. Clean lines, careful touch ups, superior work. Davey did a super job even when the stripping was not going well. Very positive attitude, nice clean cut kid and careful worker. A wonderful team ! There were no “hidden” surprises and they went above and beyond my expectations. I already have plans to have them back out in the Spring to paint the exterior of my home.

Jenna P.   5.8/6 pts.

This is the second time we have worked with The Final Coat. They are very good at what they do! On day one of painting, the company’s morning meeting ran late. I called the office an hour after the scheduled start time. The office said that the meeting had run late and the painters would be there shortly. The painters called a few minutes later to notify me that they were on their way. The painters were fantastic. They were very patient with me when the dining room color was much darker than the color swatch. They helped to find  a shade that seemed much lighter on the swatch, but looked beautiful on the walls. They also worked with me to decide what kind of faux finish I wanted in my foyer. They were very professional! I will have them back!!! On a side note, I had mentioned that my computer had gotten a virus that morning, and I was going to have to find a company to fix it. One of the painters said he had computer experience, and offered to try and fix it on his lunch break. I let him take a look, and he fixed it within minutes!! Saved me a huge computer repair bill!

Leslie P.   5.9/6 pts.

Our home was being readied for sale and I asked to have the baseboards in the kitchen, hallway and great room areas re-painted as well as an area over the fireplace and miscellaneous molding areas.  The owner came and evaluated the work, listening carefully to exactly what I wanted to have done. We agreed to have part of the quoted work performed and it was scheduled promptly. The painter arrived punctually, was neat, pleasant and professional. The work she did was excellent and she was very helpful in terms of trying to match existing paint which is a difficult thing to do. I was very pleased by the results.

Richard P.   6/6 pts.

My wife and I cannot begin to describe how pleased and happy we are to have chosen The Final Coat to paint the interior of our home. They paid particular attention to detail and would insist we make a daily walk through looking for anything we were not happy with before continuing with new work. We were involved in every decision that needed to be made including things to be moved and were consulted every step of the process as to how we wanted things to look when the paints came together in different rooms. The look of the paint is inspiring and the lines are cut in so straight that we have had several other contractor trades comment on the professionalism of their work. The organization as a whole should be the model for customer service skills. The owner is extremely vigilant about satisfaction, involved with the day to day operations, and genuinely concerned with your happiness. The color consultant eliminated all the stress of choosing and blending four rooms of color made it a fun experience. I am a senior citizen and this was the first time in my life I have ever used a paint contractor, but I feel blessed to have found the perfect contractor to tend to our needs. Their prices are fair, they were always on time for work and nice and friendly and take a genuine interest in you as a person. Many thanks again Final Coat!

George P.   6/6 pts


Betty F.   6/6 pts.

Best service I’ve had!

Robert M.   6/6 pts.

We would definately recommend The Final Coat to our friends & neighbors! Thank you!

John S.   6/6 pts.


Robert L.   5.7/6 pts.


Chuck W.   6/6 pts.

The job was completed on a timely basis and I was kept up-to-date on progress everyday. Jason & David were on time each day which was very helpful with my schedule.

John C.   6/6 pts.


Mike G.   6/6 pts.

Dave & Matt were very nice young men. They did their job and didn’t play games. It was hot!

Sharon M.   6/6 pts.

Jason is a gem! You are so lucky to have him. He and his team were great. Very pleased with the result. Jason was as concerned with the final product as I was. I would not hesitate to refer friends to you.

Al G.   6/6 pts.

Two most recent jobs -bathrooms & porch were very well done. Appreciate your quality.

Kathryn P.   6/6 pts.

The Final Coat were very professional from the very first day they came out for an estimate. They were on time and worked around our schedule because we didn’t have our shutters yet when they were originally scheduled to start. They moved our appointment back a few days to accommodate us. Once here, their carpenter came out cut out the rotted pieces of wood and went back to his workshop to cut new pieces of wood to replace it. He also put up our shutter, some siding that had fallen off and replaced our mailbox. When he was done, the painters came and got the painting done very quickly. They were very clean and were gone before I got home from work. They did a great job and we are very pleased with how it all looks.

Tula R.   5.9/6 pts.

They were very professional, arrived on time or called to explain if they were delayed. The workers were friendly. They cleaned up after themselves. Their work was excellent! The house looks great! They were not the cheapest but I feel that they were well worth the price.

Janet C.   6/6 pts.


Jennifer G.   5.9/6 pts.

Ted came out and gave me a detailed estimate on repainting and repairing the siding and trim on our farmhouse. Ted was very professional. Communication/Responsiveness was prompt. Price was fair. I received 2 other estimates from 2 other companies and although The Final Coat was the highest I believe they would have done the best ob of the three. I was very impressed with the book of customer reviews and pictures of their work. I was also impressed that this company was a professional operation with liability insurance, “above the board” employees with benefits and good company references. I highly recommend considering this company for your job!

Sarah C.   6/6 pts.

Quality & customer service was excellent! It was great working with you! Thanks!

Gary R.   6/6 pts.


Janet D.   6/6 pts.

Carla was very good to schedule our job on short notice. Nathan was very pleasant. He called to notify us he was delayed, but would come late, and he did. He even dusted a fan on our porch!! We are very pleased with your company, employees, and results of your work.

Lee S.   6/6 pts.

The Final Coat did an excellent job. Ted, the owner was very easy to work with, easy to get a hold of and very responsive to questions. The guys that did the work were on time, pleasant and professional. Removing the sold stain from the flooring was no easy task and took quite a bit of labor. They cleaned up the work area everyday. I could not have asked for a better job or group of professionals to work with. I would definitely use them again for any indoor or outdoor painting or wood refinishing job.

Kelli W.   6/6 pts.

Just wanted to say thank you for setting up my power wash appointment last Friday. Working with your company has truly been a breath of fresh air. Nathan was on time, was very pleasant & friendly, and did an outstanding job on my house & deck!! They look brand new. Please let his superior know that we are very pleased with his work. I look forward to working with you again n the future.

Suzanne F.   6/6 pts.

Ted came out to give us an estimate. He spent quite a bit of time assessing the exterior of our 3 level house. As we walked around the house and up both levels of decking, Ted described what they would do. He took pictures of areas that needed special attention and included them in the proposal. He noticed and commented on the unique aspects of our house. We felt that he liked our house and would take care to see that the job was done properly. Ted gave us a handwritten proposal before he left and followed up with a written proposal within a few days. We knew from the beginning what we were getting and what it would cost. Jason, the work crew leader, was easy to work with. He was very personable, communicated well,attended to details, and managed the crew well. He had good ideas and suggestions and showed pride in the work. The crew did not always arrive at the time they were expected; this wasn’t a problem for us since we were not on a tight schedule in the mornings, but would have been frustrating if we had been waiting on their arrival before leaving for work. They cleaned up each day and replaced our outdoor furniture and plants upon completion. The crew were all polite, well mannered and worked hard in the heat. Two days after the work was completed, Jason came back to take care of a few minor details. We are extremely pleased with the work they did.

Wayne S. 5.2/6 pts.


Lisa A   5.9/6 pts.


Walter K.5.2/6 pts.


Hope M.   6/6 pts.

I am going to fill out the form you left with us but I also wanted to send this note to let you know how happy we are with The Final Coat. As your website advertises, the men who were in our home were professional, respectful and helpful beyond just painting. The men were very detail oriented, giving attention to things such as cleaning off the top of my china cabinet, vacuuming the carpet before placing the furniture back. These are things I would be particular about but I did not expect them to notice and certainly I didn’t expect them to do it. Quite impressive. Jason made suggestions that would protect and enhance our paint job and we followed through with them. Made so much difference. I felt that the attention and care given to my home and the project was very similar to what my husband and I would do had we undertaken the job ourselves. The big difference is the result…we would have been messier and the walls would lack the smooth, satin look I love. The colors I chose are wonderful, providing a warm inviting look. We are anxious to share with family and friends. I must mention Dave…you are fortunate to have him on staff for those of us who have beloved grand pianos. He knows how to safely move them! I hope this conveys how delighted we are with The Final Coat!

Melinda A.   6/6 pts.

Thank you very much for helping us with the “last minute” order. Dave was very nice and did a great job!

Frank F.   6/6 pts.

The deck looks great! Nathan was very professional and extremely conscientious…A true ambassador for The Final Coat.

Joe G.   6/6 pts

We wanted to let you know what a first class job you performed in painting our house. Every person that worked on our house was neat, courteous and had a great attitude. I would recommend The Final Coat to anyone that asked me about your services. Thank you again for making this an enjoyable experience for us. Our house loos brand new! Maybe even better!

Terry B.   6/6 pts.

Everything looks great! Your workers reflect the quality that I read about on Angie’s List. My wife said both of the workers here were pleasant and work very diligently.

Cheryl B.   6/6 pts.

I just wanted you to know what a great job Nathan did for us. His attention to detail and conscientiousness were outstanding. When you schedule someone to do work in your home you only hope that they will perform as professionally as Nathan did. He works quickly but efficiently, is very personable, cleans up everything and sincerely wanted to be sure we were happy with the work. I can’t begin to recommend him highly enough! It was a pleasure to have him here and love the way our living room looks. Thank you so much!

Joe C.   6/6 pts.


Melissa W.   6/6 pts.

Always a great experience. All of the guys were friendly & professional. Referred to my son & he was also very happy with quality & efficiency of work!

Lynn T.   6/6 pts.

Once again I can’t say enough good things about a job well done! Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you !

Karen C.   6/6 pts.

Very impressed with your company’s efficiency, resourcefulness and professionalism. Your pricing is fair. The crew was clean, friendly and timely. You fit us in at a critical time when we needed the job done fast. Love the fact that you can handle unexpected issues as they come up without having to delay the project. (ex: Jolie fixed a jiggly doorknob that had not been installed properly. Also she called someone over with a long ladder to handle a dangling light above our deck.) Also, no small thing: We love that your painters actually look like , well..painters. Thanks for the excellent service!

Linda H.   6/6 pts.

Excellent work. We had some additional work done & everything was done well. Very professional crew & great job by the crew leader.

Judy D.   6/6 pts.

Despite the heat they had to work in Matt & Jolie from The Final Coat, were thorough and professional in their work. My trim was cleaned before the actual paint work was started; they put two coats of paint on everything. This was a very pleasant and successful experience…we have now hired them to do similar work on my son’s home.

Ann T.   6/6 pts.

Carla is awesome! Crew was Great!

Jeff W.   5.9/6 pts.


Max T.   5.9/6 pts.


Muriel K.   6/6 pts.


Alice W.   6/6 pts.


Jayce  C.   6/6 pts

Carla was fantastic to work with. The painter was courteous and stayed on task throughout the job. Respected my home and  sure everything was cleaned up etc.

Mickey L.  5.6/6 pts.


Jack B.   6/6 pts.


Bud D.   6/6 pts.


Helen K.   6/6 pts.


Heath C.   5.9/6 pts.

Great work! The team was efficient and diligent. They were great to work with.

Ginny B.   5.9/6 pts.


Duke L.   5.6/6 pts.


Carolyn Y.   5.9/6 pts.


Betsy K.   6/6 pts.


Judy D.   6/6 pts.


Becky A.   6/6 pts.


Kristine A.   6/6 pts.

Our project went very well. The person that they sent out not only did a very nice job on the work itself but they were polite and accommodating and flexible. I would definitely recommend them, it was a very good experience. We do have another project for them lined up, they will be coming back to do some additional work. Jolie did a great job. She brought information from the company to tell us about their other services. She completed exactly what we asked for in less time than they quoted us, it was an hour cheaper that what we thought and it still looked great!

Mary M.   6/6 pts.

The free estimate had no-strings-attached, plus we were advised on a grade that would meet our needs rather than being coerced into buying a higher grade. It was a pleasure doing business with Ted! The installation was performed as scheduled: in a timely fashion and by courteous and conscientious workers who were prompt, tidy and efficient. From the estimate with Ted, through to the installation of our gutter guards, my husband and I are thrilled with the end product.


Bev S.   6/6 pts.


Dorthy B   6/6 pts.


Meredith G.   6/6 pts.

All around excellent experience. I really appreciate the work the carpenter did. Carla is awesome!

John K.   6/6 pts.


Mary P.   6/6 pts.


Judith C.   6/6 pts.


Stephanie J.    5.4/6 pts.

Quote paper work confusing. Ted’s first contact and on site checks on progress were never hurried. Carla was a delight to work with. I can tell her skills keep you all running smoothly. What great guys the crew were to work with. Easy accommodating and professional. I appreciated that everyone treated this project as a home not just a house. I look forward to our next project together.

Julia S   6/6 pts.

Great job on getting our wrought iron fence/gates painted. The whole experience from first contact to final job was done with professionalism and expertise. Thanks so much! Great job!

Thomas M   6/6 pts.

Excellent! Jason and his crew were very professional ensuring they met our expectations the entire time. The work they did was outstanding and attention to detail was incredible. We are very pleased and will have more work performed by them.

Christopher L     6/6 pts.

Everyone was friendly, prompt and very professional. We started with the half bath downstairs at the end of remodeling it. They even scheduled us the next day after the estimates. The outcome was spectacular and the room looks wonderful. The first upstairs office also came out wonderful!  The second upstairs room and bath turned out to be our real challenge. The Mrs. wanted gold, and we were using Valspar metallic series paints. We encountered numerous problems with this paint, including running, unevenness in the corners etc.  I wasn’t very happy with the outcome, and neither was the crew that did the work. Given the outcome of the two other rooms, this was not a workmanship quality issue. Clear this series of paint has some issues being rolled or sprayed.  In th end, The Final Coat did whatever it took to get this issue resolved, including reapplying the base coat and going with a crosshatch faux finish, so we were happy with the final product. We still have many more rooms and hallways to paint, and I’m sure we’ll be using them again for certain, just no more metallic paint.

Beverly M.    6/6 pts.

You guys were fabulous, considerate, neat and went above and beyond in helping me. Thank You!

Jill M    6/6 pts.

We can’t thank you enough for the timeliness and quality of your work!

J. Gilbert    6/6 pts.

Thank you for accommodating us due to water problems and open house.

Sybil W.   6/6 pts.

As always a very good experience! Thank you all.

Roger & Margaret R.   6/6 pts.


Celia L   5.9/6


Bette T.   5/6 pts.


David E.    6/6 pts.


Paul B       5.3/6 pts.


Deloris L     6/6 pts

Appreciate the initiative taken to solve the coverage problems encountered on the deck & hot tub. Thank You!

Mary C     6/6 pts.

Crew leader Jolie was terrific! Great task master. Crew was great too!

Sarah S.    5.7/6 pts.

We had our 2 story foyer, master bedroom with vaulted ceilings    and ceilings in both ares painted. They did a great job. My kids and I were home both days and were able to keep a normal routine. Thanks for a job well done!

Theresa B  6/6 pts

The estimate was given in a timely manner. They were very professional. He was very honest with us and made sure we knew exactly what was going to happen. We would use again!

Mark S.  6/6    pts.

We called 3 different vendors to get a quote for services. We decided to go with The Final Coat because everyone was courteous and professional from start to finish. The final Coat impressed us with their professional ability to get the job done quickly. We would use them again.

B. Smith  6/6 pts.

Beautiful job! We are so pleased!

Nancy R.   6/6 pts.

Would give all 10’s if you had 10’s!

Sarah H.    6/6 pts.

The painting job went so smoothly and it looks great! Thanks so much for a job well done.

Scott R.    6/6 pts.


Anna M.    6/6 pts.


Janet C.     6/6 pts.

We really just squeaked the gutter guard application in before the bad weather. The old gutters were full of leaves and the cleanup was not perfect but the weather was pretty lousy that day. I would definitely refer people to you for your many services.

Anna T    6/6 pts.

The workers were on time and cleaned up every day. The quality of work through out was great. Wonderful company to work with.

Pete & June M     6/6 pts.

“From our first meeting there was an obvious effort to understand our needs and expectations and to do whateverf it took to meet them. Many thanks to all that were involved.”

R. Weaver

We are so impressed with the excellent job your crew did staining and painting our home.
They are definitely a credit to your company. We really appreciated these fine, hard-working gentlemen!

A. DeAbrew

Two things I really enjoy doing are teaching electrical engineering at The University of Akron and painting the inside of my home.
I had done all of the painting myself for the last 20 years, so finding a company to meet my expectations wasn’t easy.
I would sure use The Final Coat again and confidently recommend them.

J. Colvin

I am very pleased, particularly with the matching color and workmanship! Many thanks!

A. Stebbins

You have a first-class, customer-focused business. Your crew was great, and the painting is beautiful! Thank You!

P. Mitchell

We moved into our dream-house 3 years ago, but it hadn’t really felt like ours – we were ready to put our thumb print on it.
We were so glad to find The Final Coat. The attention to detail began with the color consultation, and went right through the impeccable clean-up.
The Final Coat staff was super respectful of our family and our home, and within a few days we left for vacation with confidence we left our home with the pros. Later the same year, when we were ready to put our mark on the interior, The Final Coat was the obvious choice.
We own a growing business that demands a lot of time, so we are careful about who we trust around our family and inside our home.
The Final Coat staff are true professionals and the “family safe” approach puts them over the top.

J. O’Hara

The Final Coat continues to be a highly professional company. I wish every business upheld the same standards!

M. Nawn

Great job! The guys were a pleasure to have in our house.

S. Waino

The Crew Leader was very nice, professional and neat. Thanks for taking pride in your work and doing a great job!

B. Whitmer

Jerry and I want to thank you for doing what you do to perfection! We are very pleased with how you handled the painting of our home.
It is a special little place to us, and you made it special to you. Thanks for taking such a good care of us. The house looks great!

T. Taylor

I want to commend you and your staff for a job well done. I’m a very fussy person – but you were all one step ahead of me all the way.
The quality of the work, and those performing it, was professional right from start to finish.
My husband and I really appreciated doing business with those who have respect for what they do, and for whom they are working.

R. Judy

We really appreciate the excellent service, attention to detail and the professional courtesy that was extended to us. Our house looks great.

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