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Bring your vision and your workplace to life with VisionSpace® from The Final Coat.

You worked hard to develop your corporate vision, get it on paper, and finally share it with your employees, your network, and everyone who would listen. You strive to live it every day, have your employees own it, and have your customers experience it at every interaction.

But do you feel it when you walk in the front door of your company? Are there positive reinforcements of your vision and your brand at every turn within the workspace? Are your customers and employees feeling the way you hope they would, from the moment they walk in?

If the answer isn’t a resounding yes, we invite you to explore VisionSpace® office transformation services for businesses, from The Final Coat.

It all starts with environmental branding.

Have you ever noticed when you walk into certain establishments – like a Bob Evans restaurant, Apple Store, Marriott hotel – you always recognize that you are in the right place simply because of the surrounding environment. The signage, the color scheme, the wording, the lighting, the space layout, the logos, and other graphic elements are unique to that company. They are all representative of the company’s brand. It is these highly recognizable, emotion-generating visuals and interior layouts that let you know you are exactly where you intended to be.

Without your awareness, you automatically feel your expectations are being met. You are experiencing the brand as you expect it to be, because it’s what you are familiar with. A comfort level sets in. You experience a sense of familiarity.

Do you want your customers and employees to feel comfortable, familiar, and trusting while also having a sense of being in the right place? Do you want them to leave your place of business with a satisfying experience that fully reflects your vision for your company? Of course you do. But how do you create it?

Through The Final Coat VisionSpace® workplace transformation services for businesses.

Benefits of our work environment and office ambience services:

  • Business growth through increased customer and employee engagement
  • A work environment that is yours alone and promotes competitive differentiation
  • Confidence and trust among customers (and prospective customers) that they came to the “right place”
  • A strengthened company vision and culture by creating a workplace environment that employees are proud to be a part of
  • Your company’s brand, vision, and mission are brought to life

Ready To Transform Your Business?

Find out what VisionSpace®, the newest commercial service from The Final Coat, can do for you and your business! Contact us today via phone at 330-786-0961, email at, or online form.

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